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Below are links to excerpts from Helping Mothers be Closer to Their Sons.

Examples of two of the suggestions and tips found in helping moms to be closer to their sons:

Excerpt: Storytelling
Excerpt: Teaching boys about emotions

Excerpts learning about boy’s uniqueness:

Excerpt: Testosterone
Excerpt: Precarious Manhood

Do you sometimes wonder why he is the way he is?  Do you struggle in understanding him? Listen to the words of youtube sensation Karen Straughan:

“For any mother of boys who has ever been perplexed, flummoxed, bewildered, dumbfounded, flabbergasted, confused or stymied by the things they say and do, this book is a must read.”

Learn the secrets that make boy’s emotions invisible.  Learn the reasons he seems so different from your daughters.  The author has spent over 30 years working with boys and learning their nature.  This book will open you to their world and in so doing bring a deeper closeness.


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About the Author

Tom on the NFL Channel

Tom has appeared on a wide variety of media including CNN, CBS Evening News and many others. Shown here on ESPN and the NFL Channel for a special through NFL Films bringing the message that men have unique healing paths that are too often unseen.