For Women

1rebarI have been working with men and boys who have faced trauma for many years. Much of my efforts have been in helping them understand their own process and helping them through it. This page will take a different approach. It will instead focus on helping women understand the men and boys in their lives with the hopes that a deeper understanding will breed closeness and intimacy.

1. Get Close to Boys and Men

The first entry will be a blog post borrowed from my site titled “Ladies – How can you get emotionally close to the men you love?” The title says it all. Here’s a link to that post.

2. The Invisible Man

invis-75The second entry has to do with something that thwarted my understanding for years, it looks at how and why men value keeping their emotional pain invisible. Men are very good at this. So good that you likely don’t have a clue about what he does to heal himself. After reading this post you will have a better idea of the four reasons that men keep their emotional pain invisible. Once we have a better idea of how and why this happens it opens up a new world in helping them heal. You can see the artlcle here

3. Tips for Helping Men

The third part is an excerpt from Tom’s Ebook The Way Men Heal. It’ a part of the section that offers tips for helping men heal. See it here.

4.  Respect when Helping Men

A fourth resource is an excerpt from my video site This site offers hours of video about men’s healing and healing in general. If you are interested in joining you can go herenand enter the coupon tgoldenvids to get 50% off.

It’s a short video that I placed on youtube for easy viewing. It focuses on the importance of respect in men’s healing.

5. Understanding Boys

onteamFifth is a blog post intended to help you understand boys and where they find safety.  When we start to understand a person’s safe spaces we are that much closer to  understanding how we can be of assistance.

6. Helping Young Boys to Heal

Sixth resource is an article on applying what we have learned in finding practical ways to help boys.